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I was worried about doing liposuction but after meeting with the physicians at Body Cosmetica, I knew I was making the right choice. They showed me before and after photos.... more

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Making the Right Choice


The Plastic Surgery Experts


At Body Cosmetica all participating plastic surgeons represent a select few who are chosen based on an important criteria.


1. All participating surgeons are Board Certified members of the American Society of Plastic Surgery ("ASPS") or the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery ("ASAPS"). This means these plastic surgeons have obtained the highest qualifications.


2. All participating plastic surgeons only utilize accredited AAAASF operating rooms or those Certified by the Joint Commission; or perform in a hospital. This means that all procedures are performed under the safest settings.


Many of our affiliated surgeons are the some of the most renowned and respected members of their specialty. Whether you are looking for a plastic surgeon with media renown, or world renown, with 20 years of experience or with superior before and after photos that match your desired result, our patient coordinators can introduce you to them.

Matching Patient Priorities

At Body Cosmetica we match patient priorities with the right plastic surgeon. We know that patients have high expectations when choosing a cosmetic procedure or a plastic surgeon. Our goal is to the enhance the Patient Experience. That is why all consultations are complimentary. If you do not like one plastic surgeon, our patient coordinator ("plastic surgery expert") will introduce you to another. 




Excellence & Safety

Our core values are excellence and safety. The marketlace is full of a dizzying array of options. At Body Cosmetica we have narrowed down the playing field and honed in on what is most essential: the highest qualificaions. We do not believe that patient satisfaction comes at a discount. We believe that if you want to change the way you look and feel, you are going to need an experienced surgeon with the highest qualifications.

Choosing the right plastic surgeon is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. We help you make the most educated decision about what course to pursue; and we are here to ensure that every aspect of the procedure delivers on your expectations. Please review our before and after gallery, our animated patient videos, our blog, and review our Participating Physicians page. All cases booked with participating physicians are reviewed by Real Patient Ratings. This ensures that every doctor is held to the highest of standards. 

We Are The Plastic Surgery Experts

Enhanced Patient Experience

Only Body Cosmetica offers patient coordination services. We give you unfettered access to some of the most respected and accomplished Board Certified Plastic Surgeons in the field; and all consultations are complimentary. In addition, Body Cosmetica is proud to offer Cosmetica Payment Plus, our Financial Coordination arm. With Cosmetica Payment Plus, we make the best afforable. We work with every applicant to secure the best approval at the best rate. Lastly, Body Cosmetica provides complimentary After Care Coordination to ensure that every patient receives the highest standards of service.

The Benefits

  • Free consultations with top board certified plastic surgeons
  • We help you obtain the best pricing & the best payment plan
  • We help you find the right plastic surgeon based on your priorities