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Is the Waif Out? Butt Augmentations may provide an answer



Original Grand Odalisque cropped for web

Fashions change. Hair styles change. Make up changes. So does the ideal body type. Is the waif look, glorified on the cover of every fashion magazine, so dominant in the 90s and the 2000s, finally out? And if the waif look is out, what is in?


Looking back through time, it would appear that the curvy woman is traditionally what is most desirable.


Here is a link to fashion trends through out the 20th Century.




Here is a link to a good article on what is sexy through out the ages:





Here is a recent article on sexy body types throughout the last 100 years:




The waif Kate Moss is out; Adriana Lima is in. Ushered in by the likes of J. Lo and Kim Kardashian’s famous derriere, the bustier, full-figured, curvier woman is back in vogue.


Further evidence? The rise of butt augmentation in theUnited Stateshas grown 16% over the last 2 year according to the American Society of Plastic Surgery. This is the fastest growing plastic surgery procedure in theUnited Statessecond to calf augmentations. (Calf augmentations, hmmmmmm what insights could be drawn from that?) 

Just a Small Town Girl, Living in a Plastic Surgery World


DSC01504 resized 600

Patient coordinators at Body Cosmetica come from all different backgrounds and walks of life. Today we are sitting down to talk with wife, mother of two, nurse, and Chicago patient coordinator, Audrey Padden. 

BC: How did you make the switch from nursing to being a Plastic Surgery Patient Coordinator at Body Cosmetica?

Audrey: Well, I have a strong medical background. I have my BSN and worked extensively in the fast paced intensive care unit (ICU). When it comes to nursing I've experienced it all. I decided to take a break from nursing when I had my twins. They were my new full-time job. As they grew up, I realized I missed working and had really enjoyed working in the plastic surgery unit; that eventually led me to Body Cosmetica.


BC: What's the biggest difference between your role as patient coordinator and your past job as a nurse?

Audrey: For me, working with Body Cosmetica was a major change from nursing. With nursing everyone is just a person or a body. You see them strictly from a medical viewpoint. At Body Cosmetica, you establish real relationships with people. I build strong bonds with patients as opposed to being on the clinical side of things.


BC: What are the top procedures at your facilities and how do you steer patients in the right cosmetic direction?

Audrey: Well, I work with Dr. Paul Dillon, Dr. Irvin Wiesman, and Dr. Steven Bloch. Overall, the most popular procedures are breast augmentations, tummy tucks, and lipo. Most times, patients come in wanting so many things and can't decide what they want done first, so I always recommend starting from the core and building out. If you need a tummy tuck then get that first because once your core is fixed, things start to look different. For example, a woman came in wanting lipo and a breast augmentation. I told her to get lipo first. After getting the lipo, she lost a lot of weight and realized her breasts weren't so small after all. They now looked proportional to her thinner frame. 


BC: You stated that you are a mother to twins. Have you ever had a cosmetic procedure and what advice do you have for moms that are debating getting a procedure? 

Audrey: I haven't had much work done besides a breast augmentation about 30 years ago, and it was a great experience. I also had a little lipo done after my pregnancy. To mothers that are on the fence, or anyone in general, I try to help them see into the future. If it bothers you now, it will still bother you ten years from now, as you age. I always tell my patients, the reflection you see each morning will either make your day or break your day. Especially for my fellow mothers, pregnancy and breast feeding really take a toll on the body's looks. It's okay to treat yourself.


BC: Most people coming in for plastic surgery are nervous and have many questions. How do you help soothe their fears?

Audrey: Im always told that I have a very warm down to earth personality. You know, I grew up in the midwest as a farmer's daughter, and we owned an organic chicken farm. I've had so many people, whether they got plastic surgery with us or not, tell me, “You made me feel so comfortable, and made it so easy, Audrey.” Also, I'm more advanced in age than a lot of the clients that come in. The loving mothering side of me always manages to sneak out. Sometimes, I hear myself saying, “Well...if I were your mother...”


BC: Any specific stories of you helping a client?

Audrey: A girl scheduled a consultation a few weeks ago. She was so terrified that she sat outside the building for an hour and a half and then ended up going home, without ever coming into the building! She called later to reschedule and when she came in she looked terrified. She told me about how she had come in previously and was too scared to even enter the building, and I basically talked her through the entire process, got to really know her personally, and create a true connection with her. It also helps that I've been through the plastic surgery experience on multiple occasions, so I understand exactly how my patients are feeling.


BC: You also work with helping people finance their procedures. Any advice to those that are fearful they can't afford it? 

Audrey: Plastic surgery is no where near as pricey as people assume. It's all about prioritizing- this vs that. It's an investment in yourself. I always tell patients, it's better to look good getting into a cheaper car, than looking bad getting into a Mercedes. The car depreciates as soon as it's driven off the lot- you don't.

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Plastic Surgery Transformation Tuesday: Cara Turns Into Kim!


 body cosmetica, cars delevigne, kim kardashian


Transformation Tuesday: From Tall and Willowy Delevingne to Buxom Babe Kim

In light of #TransformationTuesday, we are taking our own fabulous BodyCosmetica spin on the social media trend, with two highly sought after celebrities with vastly differing looks. Supermodel Cara, is known for her sleek style, crazy antics, and strong looks, whereas Kim is much softer, curvacious, with a whole lotta sex appeal. So what procedures would Cara have to undergo to transform herself to the likes of Kim Kardashian?

Like most models, Cara's body is basically straight up and down- tall and willowy with very low body fat- and that includes the derriere. Since Kim is known for her large (ass)ets we recommend a Brazilian Butt Lift to give Cara a little oomph in the rear. A BBL, transfers fat from other areas of the body into the buttocks, allowing her to have a larger curvier backside.

Kim Kardashian is also quite busty. Since Cara is very thin, and clearly lacking up top, a breast augmentation would add volume to the chest area for a fuller chest. We recommend 250-300cc for a natural look, since she has such a small frame.

Although, she's statuesque and on the bonier side, Cara does have a bit of extra skin around her lower waist area. A VASERlipo procedure targets specific areas of the body using ultrasonic waves that break up and separate fat cells for removal, while leaving vital tissues unharmed. This treatment would give Cara's boyish figure more of an hourglass shape, like Kim, by creating a tighter midsection.

Lastly, Kim K. has clearly had some work done to her nose. To achieve a look like Kim's, Cara would need a rhinoplasty that thins the nose, files down the bridge, and creates an extended tip to mirror Kim's elegantly sleek one.

Both women are stunning in their own way, but admit it- it would be a hoot to see the strong faced, and strong willed, Cara with the Kardashian looks!


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Celebrities Fuel Desire for Heart-Shaped Derrieres


Fueled by women who envy booty-endowed celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez, a new trend in plastic surgery has emerged. In recent years, the number of buttock implant and buttock lift surgeries performed in the United States has increased by double digits.

In 2011, nearly 1,200 buttock implant procedures were performed by plastic surgeons. That number of buttock implants represents a 43 percent increase from than 2010. The same is true for buttock lifts. In 2011, more than 4,500 buttock lifts were performed. That's 235 percent more than were performed in 2000.

Celebrities like Beyonce Knowles and Christina Hendricks who flaunt their junk in the trunk on the red carpet, on stage, on television or in movies make women with flat or masculine rear ends acutely aware of what their own derrieres lack. That's why so many more women are opting for either buttock implants or butt lifts.

Heart Shaped Butt

What determines buttock shape?

In a nutshell, the amount of body fat you have and your genetic makeup determine the shape of your posterior. The shape of your butt is influenced by three muscles - the gluteus maximus, gluteus medius and gluteus minimus. Additionally, the angle of the curve at the base of the spine determines how significantly the butt projects from the body.

So if you're a thin person who lacks body fat, your butt cheeks won't look as round and curvy. Oftentimes, heredity and your genetic makeup may prevent you from gaining weight in your butt. And if you're physically active, you probably have decreased fat in your gluteal area. That means your butt simply won't look as prominent.

Fortunately, Body Cosmetica surgeons can offer two options to augment the appearance of your buttocks.

Gluteal Implants

During this procedure, solid silicone implants are inserted in between your gluteal muscles. Your Body Cosmetica surgeon will help you decide which implant size and shape works best for your unique anatomy. The surgery takes about three hours to perform.

Implants are a great way to augment your buttocks, but this cosmetic surgery requires a significant commitment. Immediately following surgery, you'll have to restrict your movements to ensure the implant works as intended and you don't encounter complications.

Autologous Fat Transfer

Some women opt for a second method of buttock augmentation. An autologous fat transfer, a procedure commonly called a Brazilian Butt Lift, represents a way to make your butt look rounder and more feminine using your body's own fat. During the procedure, fat is harvested from your hips or abdomen. It's purified using a centrifuge and then reintroduced into your buttocks. The result is more full, shapely, heart shaped derrieres that men will covet and women will envy.

While recovery from autologous fat transfer isn’t as intense as with implants, it could take a few weeks before your Body Cosmetica surgeon clears you to resume normal activities.

If you're ready to learn more about butt augmentation options, schedule a complimentary consultation with a Body Cosmetica surgeon. Use our online contact form or give us a call at 888-220-3169.

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Kate Middleton Sparks Demand for Plastic Surgery Nose Jobs


Princess Kate's style has influenced the fashion world, but many metropolitan women also want to copy her nose. According to a story in the New York Daily News, women in the Big Apple are flocking to plastic surgeons to request the British royal's nose.plastic surgery nose

The situation is also true across the pond where the Daily Mail claimed that the Duchess of Cambridge had the "most desirable nose in Britain."

And why shouldn't they? The Duchess of Cambridge has a great nose. In fact, it may be perfect. It's symmetrical, there's an attractive angle between the tip and her upper lip and only a small amount of nostril shows. There's no reason why women wouldn't want to copy the princess's nose when they seek plastic surgery nose jobs.

Nose jobs, technically called rhinoplasty, is a popular procedure, In fact, nearly a quarter of a million Americans had nose jobs in both 2011 and 2012. Since the nose is a prominent facial feature, many women as well as men pursue this surgery to make them feel more attractive, more powerful and more dignified.

How are nose jobs done?

During the procedure, the nose is reshaped to a more pleasing contour. Patients are put to sleep using general anesthesia. A Body Cosmetica surgeon reshapes the nose using either a closed procedure or open procedure. In a closed procedure, the incisions are contained inside the nose. Incisions are made between the nostrils in open procedures. The surgeon accesses the area of the nose to be reshaped using these incisions.

Patients who really want to emulate Princess Kate's nose may need to consider additional types of facial plastic surgery to make certain the new nose is in balance with their other features. The chin, cheekbones or brow may also need work to ensure the new nose is harmonious with the rest of the face.

Fortunately, Body Cosmetica surgeons are skilled at plastic surgery of the nose and other facial features. And with flexible financing plans, anyone can get the nose, cheekbones or chin of their dreams. Just complete the online application and receive a decision in minutes.

Our financing plans offer flexible payback terms and competitive interest rates. Payment plans start at $299 per month for many procedures including plastic surgery nose jobs. Let us tell you how easy it can be to get the body of your dreams! Call today for more information or use our online contact for to request a complimentary consultation with a board-certified surgeon.

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