Saline Breast Implants - Look and Feel Like A Natural Woman

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Saline Breast Implants - Look and Feel Like A Natural Woman


Saline Breast Implants - Look and Feel Like A Natural Woman

Saline breast implants are a frequent choice for women looking for breast enhancement surgery. Saline breast implants are having thriving success since the 1980’s. As compare to the Silicon, the latest models of Saline implants have come up with improvements and effective advancements in order to look and feel more natural and comfortable. Although Silicon has become a sought after breast implant category, but still Saline has managed to have a more strong following due to various reasons.

Saline breast implants NY surgeons can easily provide you with a natural look, especially if the breast is implanted under the chest muscles i.e. the “submuscular” breast implants. Saline breast implants NY doctors suggest that patients with lop-sided display of their natural breasts are most appropriate for Saline breast implants, as the measurement of the salt water in each Saline breast implant can be adjusted according to the size to reach an equal level at both sides. Saline breast implants contain an outer shell and a filling of a Saline solution inside the shell.

The excellent part is that by having a Saline breast implant NY surgery, you will have less and small visible scars on your breasts as compare to Silicon breast implant surgeries. It is due to the fact that the solution is added after the shells have been implanted in the wall of yourSaline Breast Implants - Look and Feel Like A Natural Woman chest; hence the cuts needed to place the implants are smaller and thinner. The shell mostly comes in two shapes and you can select the shape which you think you can carry well and feel natural.

  • Flattened Sphere
  • Tear drop shape

At times Saline breast implants NY surgeons place large, round Saline implants over the muscle performing Subglandular surgery to give an outward projection of the breasts with a curve along the upper area and around the perimeter. Tear drop Saline breast implants make a sloping upper area of the chest and a round lower area right above the breast crease, to imitate the usual and the natural breast shape.

However your doctor may advice you to opt for round saline breast implants with a smooth outer shell so that the breasts can be have a little motion in the close pocket. The will let your breast implants move slightly making the breast appear more real. For instance, you can lie on your back or take a side on your bed and your Saline breast implant will move towards your armpit instead of getting stuck or glued on your chest.

The Saline implant has an opening placed on the front of the device that shuts automatically once the tube that delivers the filler is removed. A small cork is placed over the opening to stop tissue from having growth into the area and might get meddlesome with the seal. The shell is carefully manufactured of room temperature vulcanized elastomer. (A strong and slightly flexible material which is resistant to usual rupture). But rips can take places rarely because of

  • Overfilling ( exceeding the measurement set by the manufacturer)
  • Careless and hurried insertion process
  • Under filling ( not filling up to the minimum level , may cause rubbing of the two surfaces causing a fold)
  • The quality of the elastomer substance ( over the years)

Reasons why Saline breast implants are better to look and feel natural

  • The main reason is the security factor. Saline breast implants NY surgery presents a reduced chance of any leak or tear because of its slight movements around the shell. If in case they rupture then the saline water is spilled rather than causing scarring and hardening of the breasts like Silicon. It is better to consult your New York City surgeon before picking up the size of your Saline breast implants.
  • They have a minimum surgery scars unlike the surgery for Silicon breast implants. Saline breast implants can be easily placed behind the muscle without damaging it. With no damage to the muscles, the surgery is less painful and ends up with no complication and a fast recovery process.
  • Saline breast implants doesn’t need MRI scans which costs around $2000-$3000 to determine whether or not there is some leakage or ripping in the breast implants.
  • The Saline implants are cheaper in price and provide a wonderful affect unlike Silicon implants. The difference among the prices of Saline and Silicone is about 60%-65%.


In short, Saline breast implants are cost effective, adjustable in volume according to the desired size, and offer satisfying and safe outcomes in majority patients with even a small amount of breast tissue.It provides the doctor with an opportunity to consider other types of incisions for Saline implants to avoid unwanted blemishes on your breasts by using TUBE-incision etc. Those who want to look and feel like a natural women after having breast augmentation should choose Saline breast implants NY surgery.



Hi. I've read about the Saline Breast Implants . Are they safe to use and what is its duration? I'd like to increase my chest in two sizes. How much it would cost? Thank you for the information
Posted @ Thursday, May 16, 2013 12:07 PM by Martha
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