Can I Get a Loan for a Boob Job?

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Can I Get a Loan for a Boob Job?


Can I Get a Loan for a Boob Job

Patients are always looking for new ways to afford a boob job. NYC clinics are now offering in-house financing for this very purpose. Yes, it is still possible to get a loan if you choose to, but this financing option often proves more beneficial to patients. Why? We’re so glad you asked. The rest of this article will focus on answering that question.

The Drawbacks

Loans are an acceptable route to take in order to find funding for a boob job. NYC lenders haveCan I Get a Loan for a Boob Job competitive packages to offer. If you plan to take this route, plan ahead. The first drawback of a traditional loan is that it takes a while to get processed and approved.

Other drawbacks include:

·         The collateral requirements

·         Credit check

·         Default terms

While you can get a large loan upfront; traditional lenders aren’t going to be as familiar with the issues surrounding cosmetic surgery. Luckily, they aren’t the only option you have available.

The Silver Lining

When the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) asked clinics around the country to start offering in-house financing programs, Body Cosmetica gladly stepped up to the plate.

The difference between our funding program and a traditional loan package is pretty clear from the get-go. The application and approval process happens in-office on the same day. You’ll know how much financing you’re approved for, what percentage of your down payment is due; and you have the added advantage of medical advice on-hand.

If you are not eligible for in-house financing, you may benefit form healthcare credit. Our patient coordinators have information on all manner of funding options for a boob job. NYC has access to just about every resource you can imagine. We recommend these two because they are the most popular and flexible options, and they benefit the greatest number of patients.

For more information on financing your boob job, or any other procedure, contact a patient coordinator at our office today.




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